Trip to Iraq / by Janet Eckles

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve recently accepted an internship with Preemptive Love Coalition this summer. PLC is a nonprofit based in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) that provides training for Iraqi medical personnel to perform lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi children born with heart defects.

I won’t get to perform these heart surgeries myself, but I will help make them possible by producing videos and working on their website. The videos I produce will most likely be donor thank-yous, profiles on the children receiving the surgeries, and I’ll potentially get to work on a mini doc about internally displaced people in Kurdish refugee camps!

This trip and the work PLC does are closely aligned with my passions, and I’m so blessed and excited for this opportunity! I’ll try to post updates here, but I’ll probably forget.

Shameless plug here, but if you want to donate to my trip I started a fundraiser on Pure Charity. I’ve already funded half of my plane tickets!

More details to come! 

 - February 10, 2015