Thrice / by Janet Eckles

When I saw that Thrice were coming to Wooly's, I knew I wanted to shoot them. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a photo pass, and I was pretty bummed about that. However, the morning of the show, fellow Des Moines photographer and creative Meanz Chan reached out to me asking if I could shoot the show in her place. She had a prior commitment and couldn't shoot the show herself, but wanted to help out the band by sending another photographer in her place. I was so excited and honored that she thought to ask me.

This was my first time shooting a show where I had to be conscious of more than one other photographer in the pit. I'm used to having one other photographer to be aware of, sometimes two, but this time there were four other people in that space and it got a bit crowded for my comfort. This made me nervous because I was anxious that I would get in other people's way and ruin their shots. I've realized that I can be a bit too hesitant when it comes to photography in general, where I often draw back and let others get the shots that I want because I'm so afraid of being an asshole and getting in their way. There's a fine line between being considerate of others and being timid, and I definitely need to grow in that area if I want to continue to pursue concert photography. 

The photos from this show are some of my favorites to date. I'm really proud of them. The lighting guy was great, and I owe a lot of my success from that night to him. The photos from this set are by far the most colorful, and I'm digging it.

PS Thank you Meanz for the opportunity (everyone check out her work)!      

- December 8, 2017