Liquid Stranger / Manic Focus / by Janet Eckles

I was asked to shoot the DJ's Manic Focus and Liquid Stranger at Wooly's last night. I've never shot anything like that before, but wanted to try it, so I agreed. 

One of my favorite concert photographers, and the first one who's work I actively started following, is Flemming Bo Jensen. This guy is awesome - first of all his name is kick ass, and second of all he's Norwegian so he's automatically cool. He's also a Fujifilm ambassador and shoots for clients like Red Bull. He's shot countless festivals, and is most notable to me for his photos of DJ sets. Naturally, I assumed that the photos from my very first DJ show would turn out just like his (cuz that makes sense, right?), and naturally was disappointed by how bad mine are in comparison. I never thought that what he did was easy, but after last night I have a renewed appreciation for him and his work. While most shows are challenging for me to shoot, this was by far the hardest one I've done. The unpredictable light changes made it really difficult to get a sharp image, and my camera was having a hard time keeping up. While I didn't get many usable photos from the set, I'm really proud of the few that I did get. I hope I can get this type of opportunity again and continue to grow in this area!

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-October 12, 2017