Canaan Smith / by Janet Eckles

I'm known to be vocal about the fact that I am not a fan of country music. Living in Iowa, I get A LOT of hate for this. The closest I can get is folk or bluegrass, but if a song has that unmistakable southern twang and references a truck or a dirt road, I'm done. So when my country loving co-worker and work wife, Chris, told me I should try to shoot the Canaan Smith concert at Wooly's, I just laughed. There's no way I would shoot one! I eventually caved when he said that he and his girlfriend (now fiancee YAY!!) were going too, but I was not expecting to have a good time at all. Honestly, I thought I was going to hate it and leave immediately after the third song ended.

Instead, I was completely blown away. Smith and his band were genuinely excited and thankful to be on tour, and they brought a lot of energy that night. The songs, at least the ones I heard, did not feature any dirt roads or trucks, but were generally about love and making the most of one's life - two themes I can get behind. I had so much fun shooting their set that I hung around to listen after my three songs were over, and stayed the majority of the show before I remembered that I needed to get home so I could edit the photos. I excitedly told Chris that I didn't hate Smith's music, and maybe even liked it. While I might not ever become a full blown country music fan, I can definitely say that I have a lot of respect for Smith, and that I won't be a vocal hater of his genre anymore. 

-October 21, 2017