Inshallah / by Janet Eckles

“Inshallah” (God willing) is a term you hear often in Suli.

‘We’ll Skype you at 5, Inshallah’

‘We’ll have power today, Inshallah’

‘I’m going to make some tea here pretty soon, Inshallah’

As my coworker said the other day, we use that term so often here for a reason.

The only thing one can truly rely on here is the fact that everything is unreliable. “Everything” meaning electricity, water, and Internet.

Some days we lose power at our office for hours on end, which forces us to relocate. Today, we were out of water in the office, which means we couldn’t use the restroom there. And that becomes an issue when you have to chug water to stay hydrated. (The water’s got to go somewhere…) So after a few hours, some of us camped out at home, and others sought refuge in the coffee shops that remained open during Ramadan.

It’s normal to lose power back at the house, too. Sometimes I’m in the middle of writing an email or eating a meal when everything goes black. But it usually doesn’t take too long before I hear that familiar “beep”, and all is back to normal.

I can usually respond to these outages with a positive attitude, but I admit it can be very frustrating sometimes, especially if I’m in the middle of a video upload and we lose Internet.

I hope this experience will remind me to think twice before I immediately complain about circumstances out of my control when I get back to the States (haha, we’ll see…).

And speaking of home, I’ll be there soon! Inshallah 

-June 24, 2015